Breakdown List

- 00.00.00 Animation Tools

1. Arc tracker. A red sphere is created for every key-frame and a smaller blue sphere for every non key-frame. An animator can then adjust the animation by moving the spheres, thus allowing an intuitive and quick approach to creating well-timed and well-spaced motion arcs.
2. In-betweener. An in-between key-frame is created on the given time value, an animator can input a percentage value to favour the extremes of the in-between (0% entirely favours the previous key-frame, 100% entirely favours the next key-frame)
3. Frame mover. Moves by a user-input amount (in frames) all they key-frames after the current timeline value.

- 00.20.80 MEL Library

A customizable library made in MEL.

- 01.04.40 Class Based Autorig

Auto-rigging system developed using Pymel. Entirely class based, it allows a user to select a curve and create the class instance.
Methods of the class include: IK, FK, Stretch, Delete, Rebuild

- 01.40.00 Skirt Simulation

Skirt simulation made using Syflex

- 01.45.88 Fishing Net Simulation

Fishing net simulation made using Syflex


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